Transforming the World with Quantum Tech

UK Research and Innovation recently published an article by David Cunnah, Innovation Lead of Quantum Technologies, in which the gravitas of the ‘Quantum decade ‘ is explored.

Back in 2019, quantum technologies existed primarily in labs. Research scientists and innovation labs were using quantum technology just for developments in cybersecurity. Now quantum is hitting the mainstream, we are starting to see the adoption of quantum computing in many different industries, co-existing vertically alongside the cybersecurity sector.

Quantum technology is no longer a nascent technology being pushed from labs. It is being pulled by entrepreneurs ready to develop and supply the technology to large businesses wanting to be ‘quantum ready’.

The message is clear. The clock is ticking (maybe not quite a quantum one yet) and now is the time to get involved or fall behind.
Extracted from ‘Transforming the world with quantum technologies’ by UKRI

How can the power of this technology be adopted while bypassing the need to be a quantum physicist? The answer is simple; find an intelligent solution that is right for your organisation, that harnesses the power of quantum.

With quantum computers capable of handling and processing much larger datasets, AI and machine-learning applications are set to benefit hugely, with faster training times and more capable algorithms. Researchers have also demonstrated that quantum algorithms have the potential to crack traditional cryptography keys, which for now are too mathematically difficult for classical computers to break.

A classical computation is like a solo voice…A quantum computation is like a symphony.
– Seth Lloyd, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Quantum AI is using quantum technologies as a base for its Intelligent solutions, and by harnessing the potential power of quantum computing, we have developed incredibly powerful Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Encryption and Data Discovery capabilities. All of our solutions are tailor-made, because we want every organisation to use AI for good. And the only way to get the very best out of AI, is with quantum computing.

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