Quantum Intell?

Making possible, the impossible.

The Who: Quantum Intell is a software development company of Identity based automation and intelligence software. Trusted in the industry, the Platform is Quantum-Ready and utilises next-generation capabilities to reduce an Organisations attack vector with automation of the solution.

The What: Key Security Automation is to Detect, Secure, Automate and Protect, and then repeat continuously so that no user is left unprotected from key compromise. Ntrinsec will find all the keys, protect and control access to these and will provide administration capabilities to reduce the spread of key sprawl. To automate and provide continuous key discovery whilst dynamically rotating keys enables organisations an unbreakable way to combat the biggest, systemic source of successful cyber-attacks: key compromise.

The Why: At the heart of providing the platform is a concept of Continuous Scanning, Automated Corrective Actions, Asset Classification, Hi-Fidelity Inventory Management and self-healing solutions to reduce key loss and Crypto-period reduction. We make a technology that out manoeuvres the attack.

The When: Implemented in less than an hour, it provides the power to control, prevent attack and continuously monitor at your finger tips.

Our Unique: Welcome to the Worlds first Key Security Platform. Ntrinsec is the first release of the Quantum Platform and is a patented solution that is unique to the industry.

Trusted Expertise

Lead executives in the business are respected for their cybersecurity experience in developing the next generation of security solutions. Quantum Intell is the next step to secure and innovate. This powerful intelligent software is the future of Identity Security.

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Our Mission

We help organisations apply the benefits of Automation to their business-critical needs through innovative technology, services, and solutions.

Automating the mundane and repetitive tasks, creating a competitive edge, and ensuring you are protecting your keys to potential compromise. Quantum Intell do the heavy lifting, so you can focus more. Quantum Intell works in the background, so you can make better-informed decisions to protect the Enterprise.

Quantum Intell is using artificial intelligence for good.
We are developing for a Quantum Ready computing platform to protect the connected.

Your challenge can be solved by AI

Our Vision

Become a leading global thought leader of disruptive Identity solutions, building innovation for the future of this generation and the next.

Why Quantum Intell is right for you?

What is KSA – Key Security Automation Platform?
• The capability to automate key discovery on all platforms
• Providing an inventory of all certificates with every detail about them
• Inventorising what keys are being used in your infrastructure.
• Enabling automatic certificate renewal.
• Automatically placing/replacing certificates with their associated processes when they are created, imported, or renewed.
• Rotating the keys for all your certificates automatically, on a schedule or in response to a potential breach.
• Reduce Crypto Period in response to Quantum Attack; automation of rotation minutes or hours rather than months and years to reduce the success of an attack.
• Automating revocation, best-practice to eliminate vulnerabilities
• Securing your last mile by providing full visibility.
• Complete control of the security environment from a singe pain of glass console.

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