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Advanced technology for innovation: install, configure and analyse in a matter of minutes.

Easy, Fast & Secure: install, configure and analyse in a matter of minutes. With inventory as metadata, cryptographic material is never copied or moved. We take a multi-layered approach that creates boundaries where authentication and authorisation is required.

Powerful HiFidelity Inventory

In any organisation, there is a question as to how many assets are present on the network, how many active users there are and how many users that should be on the network? How many certificates and keys are in active use and how many are left in the network sprawl that continues across multi-cloud environments? It is essential for a business to be absolute about the who, the what, the why and the when, especially when trying to reduce the attack vectors.

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Quantum Computing

The Cryptographic Inventory

A knowledge (graph) tree using a semantic network of real world entities is discovered and created. Made up of nodes, edges, and labels. These build a live. comprehensive, high-fidelity cryptographic inventory.

Initially, providing secure discovery across the organisations estate including local devices, hybrid and multi cloud environments. Once discovered all keys are protected with a patent pending solution offering full automation of life cycle management and certificate time to live. In addition, a full listing is created, enabling management to audit and initiate best practice and thus build a moving target defence strategy that out manoeuvres the cybercriminals.

No Big Data Is Too Complex For Deep Learning

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

– Dean Kamen, American Engineer

Key Rotation Assignment

Regularly rotating all of your keys with ease that complies with internal policy to reduce exposure to bad actors within minutes of installing. Protection is immediate from the widening attack vectors organisations are facing.

The patent pending automation process shrinks the attack surface with intelligent crypto-reduction policies, in addition to creating a moving target defence around your multi-cloud environment.

Quantum AI's Unique Algorithms

Synthetic Testing Playbooks

Create efficient checkpoints for automated key rotation with superior native cloud protections and policy management. A unique pre-check process ensures that the governance in the organisational policies are upheld so keys cannot be re-used by members outside of the enterprise.

The post-check test takes a fresh inventory after every change and verifies that the provided extra layers or protection are implemented correctly.

Limitless Connectivity with Edge Computing

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