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Key compromise attacks can come from inside and outside of the enterprise. These criminals have a plethora of options to choose from to obtain your organisational keys. Targeted by phishing, email, malware to name a few direct methods from these bad-actors.

Quantum Intell provide the automation to make a Key Management System (KMS) so much better utilised. We create a Key Security Automation process (KSA) which can also embrace an existing KMS or CA (Certificate Authority).

Identity Security is at the Core of our Development

Continuous Key Discovery

Key Inventory is the securest method to eliminate key re-use and prepare for Quantum readiness.
Security risk is mitigated further by a continuous system crawl to analyse inventory against expected user and machine access usage.

QI has built a defence strategy that out manoeuvres cybercriminals in today’s increasingly complex environments.

Asset Corrective Classification

Automate Inventory of Keys and Certificates Within minutes a full inventory includes the key hash, key locations, the classification of applications using the keys, and other metadata, with zero key material or secrets being copied or moved.

Remediate key hygiene issues like key re-use, and setup alerts for expired certification and keys.

Continuous Key Discovery

The inventory enables you to understand the cryptography used on a single application or an entire development environment.
With inventory such as metadata and cryptographic material Ntrinsec never moves or copies, it finds, protects and secure.

Taking a multi-layered approach that creates boundaries where authentication and authorisation is required.

Synthetic Testing Playbooks

Create efficient checkpoints for automated key rotation with superior native cloud protections and policy management. A unique pre-check process ensures that the governance in the organisational policies are upheld so keys cannot be re-used by members outside of the enterprise.

The post-check test takes a fresh inventory after every change and verifies that the provided extra layers or protection are implemented correctly.

Artificial Intelligence

Key Rotation Assignment

Regularly rotating all of your keys with ease that complies with internal policy to reduce exposure to bad actors within minutes of installing. Protection is immediate from the widening attack vectors organisations are facing.

The patent pending automation process shrinks the attack surface with intelligent crypto-reduction policies, in addition to creating a moving target defence around your multi-cloud environment.

Machine Learning

Key Insight and Reporting

QAI has a suite of reporting functionality tools provided for organisations to comprehensively monitor, report and manage online KSA.
These reports can be extremely useful for auditing and internal reporting procedures.

Deep Learning

Lifecycle Automation Simplified

Server and machine identity sprawl has led to uncontrolled encryption key reuse, which has created a huge attack surface in modern hybrid-cloud architectures.
Quantum Intell solves this with the provision of full visibility and lifecycle automation for every encryption key across the organisation.

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