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QI has built a defence strategy that out manoeuvres cybercriminals in today’s increasingly complex environments. Key Security Automation: make keys easier to deploy, locate, deploy and protect. Security in Automation.

Key Security Automation: created to combat security risk.

The ever increasing potential for compromise of confidentiality, integrity, and availability to access documents and files.

Automating Machine Identity to reduce an organisations attack vector is now even more important than the Firewall, AV or MFA! A targeted key attack and future Quantum attacks have never been circumvented. The release of Ntrinsec KSA offers the automation of Identity Keys into a lifecycle process that out-paces an attack.

Key compromise is now a challenge of the past!

Securing the now, protecting the future.
QI has built a defence strategy that out manoeuvre’s cybercriminals. Automating machine and user identity to reduce an organization’s attack vector. Key security automation offers the rotation of identity keys into a life cycle process that protects Organisations from a targeted attack.

KSA is an end-to-end process of automating the change and rotation of access keys to ensure they don’t have time to live long enough to be compromised and protecting your organisation from unwanted cyber attacks.Powered by crypto-reduction policies the platform creates anomaly detection and automation for remediation, stopping data breaches before they even begin.

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Question you should ask of your Organisation is “how do I manage encryption to prevent external compromise, decrease my risk scoring by more than 50% and reduce my organisation’s vulnerability to unwanted third party exposure?” and the answer will be here with the revolutionary Ntrinsec KSA.

A moving target defence strategy that out manoeuvres the Cyber Criminals

At the centre of every network there is a master key, and for each device and user, a separate and related key. These hold the power to access, however don’t change between issue and renewal. Knowing that a compromise can take an hour or less why are these renewed less often than good practice would suggest!

Patent Pending Technology is automating the change of these keys so regularly that they don’t have a time to live long enough for a compromise.

Be ready for Quantum Encryption

Okta's Breach

If data is worth keeping,

it’s worth protecting!

For every profitable organisation there is data at the core of its activities. Storage of customer data, project plans, development roadmaps, IP and so on, all created and maintained in a digital state. The storage of this data is only as good as the encryption given to protect it. The question is: if it’s worth protecting, how do you manage the encryption?

We leverage automation to provide continuous key discovery and the ability to dynamically rotate keys; organisations now have an unbreakable way to combat the biggest, systemic source of successful cyber-attacks: key compromise.

Deep learning can manage complex datasets

Moving the goal posts quicker than they can be chased

Taking a preventative approach KSA is an end to end process with no intermediary intervention, insuring the safekeeping of the data that’s critical to the success and longevity of the Organisation. Creating advanced policies to defend against advanced threats, proactively moving the goal posts quicker than they can be chased!

The introduction of this unique KSA automated encryption rotation platform is a significant step. Frequent rotation ensures the encryption isn’t compromised by the growing threat of bad actors, brute force attacks, account takeover, quantum encryption cracking to name just a few.

Automation and management combined making compromise a challenge of the past.

Misuse, compromise, and sprawl of keys can result in significant losses. Bad actors and hackers may compromise private keys through various methods; leaving the user, organisation and all its data, wide open to exploitation.

Taking a preventative approach, KSA is an end-to-end process with no intermediary intervention, insuring the safekeeping of the data that’s critical to the success and longevity of the Organisation.

To mitigate risk of key reuse, infiltration, replay, such as shadow inventory key rotation avoids key compromise from attack a defined crypto period is set to manage its time to live before rotation, a KSA life-cycle. Security risk is mitigated further by a continuous system crawl to analyse inventory against expected user and machine access usage.

Facial Recognition Technology for i-IAM
Quantum Intell’s solutions can work across many industries. No matter what your organisation does, Key Security Automation will revolutionise your processes. From Agriculture to Retail, Pharmaceuticals to Finance, Key Security is at the core of protecting your security exposure to compromise. Future proof and automate your KSA today.

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