AI: The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Is another industrial revolution on the cards?

With constant changes to Artificial Intelligence, it makes us question whether the implementation of AI is the biggest change we see this century – perhaps even considered as the fourth industrial revolution, depending on the wide spread of its use.

There is no doubt that since the implementation of AI, many struggle to resist the fascination and opportunities it brings. Eyes were opened some years ago, when a question surfaced… “Could a computer imitate a real brain?”

This is one question which continues to exist in popular culture, as well as in general conversation to those who are interested in AI. We’ve all seen popular films and franchises such as Star Wars or The Matrix – no doubt we’ve often also wondered;

“Can I be replicated/cloned in the future?”

“Could the logic I applied to something be replayed?”, or even perhaps; “Could my subconscious actually be what the computer is also thinking?” With the capabilities of AI ever expanding, Quantum was created to embrace the opportunities presented from AI’s future developments.

Overall, it is this development which allows us to understand the true impact of what AI could bring to our lives. Such advancements in the way we work and live, would be a major breakthrough in both science and technology, changing our perceptions of what is considered ‘the norm’.

But while AI has the power to bring good in the world and make massive differences for the better, it can equally be used in a corruptible manner, and for this reason it’s important we are clear of our ambitions and company ethos.

AI can out-predict humans and acurrately complete complex tasks at speed.

Harnessing artificial intelligence enables a smooth transition in providing better prediction capabilities, improved forecasting, asset management and heightened security, leading in turn to a competitive market advantage with improved financial efficiencies. AI should sit closely alongside the people in a business, as opposed to completely replacing them. Our ethos is AI to assist. Not AI to replace.

How the human brain thinks, learns, and solves problems, works closely in parallel to Quantum AI’s Intelligent Engines. Vertically specific, they are initially tested with training data to prove and apply automation, problem-solve, and produce intelligent responses.

Our solutions function on specific big data from the organisation, giving our AI engines the abiltiy to develop the most accurate and efficient outcomes – just like that of a human process, but faster.

Elements of ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Deep Learning’ are core to our application of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Quantum utilises many complex algorithms, each with different capabilities. For example, a combination of parallel engines create and perform their intended tasks, for industry-specific challenges. As a whole, Quantum is designed to grow with the needs of a business, as well as meeting the demands of the workforce and management team.

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